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Mission Statement

"Providing a residential home for individuals to fully express themselves and their individuality and live their life to the fullest."

We aim to provide a home-like environment for people with special needs and give them support by letting them live their lives as independently and actively as possible while ensuring their safety, maintaining their health and their emotional well-being. One of our key objectives is to ensure a smooth transition from family or previous care to a new life in our care homes, whilst maintaining as much contact as possible with family and friends. While we always support individuals in being as independent as possible, they will also reap the rewards of the social benefits and fun of house-sharing with other residents. We support them in their pursuit of their individual interests and activities, including their participation in the local community. The views and experiences of everyone we support and those of their families, carers and friends are at the heart of everything we do. Each resident has a designated key worker that is specifically responsible for carrying out their individual daily living plans and fostering personal development.

About Group Homes Generally

Group residential homes for people with disabilities are an alternative choice to receiving care in an institutional setting. It may be quite difficult for families and caregivers to care for their loved ones in their own homes. Attending to the needs of their loved ones facing disabilities can be overwhelming and prevent them from leading their own lives or detract from the care of other family members. Often this is because around-the-clock care is required, or because care needs to be performed by medical professionals or other caregivers with specialized training.

Generally speaking, group homes are either operated by local government or by private, non-profit organizations. Group homes provide housing, all meals, in-home daily living activities, such as field trips and enrichment classes, and transportation services to receive hospital care or other medical treatment and to participate in activities outside of the home. Typically group homes serve a broad spectrum of individuals within a particular group, such as disabled adults or young children. Families should thoroughly investigate all options available to them and carefully diligence their choice of a group home for their loved one. Every facility is different and offers their own programming and choices.

About Grosvenor House

The Grosvenor House is a residential care home for young adults with severe learning and physical disabilities that is operated by Social Care Aspirations LTD. Our goal is to provide a warm and nurturing environment which promotes the physical health and emotional well-being of all adults in residence and allowing them to maintain their independence as much as possible. We believe that each of our residents has valuable contributions to make to society and we aim to provide an environment and level of care that allows each resident to control their own life and make as many of their own decisions as possible, helping them to build confidence and enjoy an overall higher quality of life.

Initial And Ongoing Assessments

We understand that selecting the best living environment for your loved one is a crucial decision. We do our best to consider the full profile of each resident by undertaking a rigorous and thorough initial assessment, which is then reviewed periodically to ensure that it is up to date and adapted to satisfy the current needs of the resident.

Our initial assessment is our first opportunity to establish a relationship with the resident and to begin to build the foundation of trust needed for a successful relationship. We always conduct the initial assessment in person and to the extent possible in the resident's current living situation. We want to make as accurate an assessment as possible, and we find that this is normally best accomplished in a familiar setting where the resident feels comfortable, in control and secure. We also gain valuable information and insight by observing where the resident currently lives, enabling us to assess their level of functioning at home and ascertain those areas in which they excel, and those areas where improvement or support is needed. We strongly encourage all family, friends, caregivers, community supports and medical and other health professionals to participate in the assessment process.

After we accept a resident, we continue to consult with other medical professionals and care providers as needed, including rehabilitation therapists, speech and language therapists, physical and occupational therapists, behavioral health providers, dieticians, peers and palliative care practitioners.

Our Commitment

We have created an extraordinary community-based, supportive environment that will specifically cater to the needs of each our residents, while encouraging them to be as independent as possible and always taking into account their own wishes for care management. Choosing the correct living environment for your loved one is an important decision, and we understand that your great concern in selecting the right option. There are many different options to consider. We urge you to come in and speak with us about all of your expectations and needs, and we will do our best to address any questions or concerns that you have.